Trinity: Chapter Two by Mark Millien

Krys is confronted with some difficult truths and the promise of her nightmares.



Narrator   Mark Millien

Krys   Medinah Monroe

Paez   Mala Bhattacharya 

Abbott   Andy Fleming  

Morel   Dojo Turnbull

Man Who Isn't There   Tamil Perlasamy

Lab Tech   Tamil Perlasamy

Perimeter Captain   John Fletcher

Roadblock Cop   Nick Johnson

Spurned Cop   Nick Johnson

Grunge Guy   Tamil Perlasamy

Wife   Melissa Thomas

Roommate One   Abraham Millien

Roommate Two   Lance Parker

Roommate Three   Lance Parker

Agent   Nicole Kemper

Security Officer   Tamil Perlasamy

Perimeter Cop   Mark Millien

Rail Cop   Mark Millien

Broadcasters   Mark Millien



SFX and Music Contributors




Subway by miklovan of

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Fight loop by Tritus | License: Attribution

Crying newborn baby child 3.WAV by the_yura | License: Creative Commons 0





Train Sequence

Krys' Headphones: HBS PN Steinway Mod A Piano Var 2 E 90BPM by HBSamples of


Pathogen Vault

Waba Theme: Danger by danke of

Waba's Symphony: Etude in C Major performed by Chiara Bertoglio under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 from originally performed by Frederic Chopin


Liquor Cage Interrogation

Chalkoutlines by hyster1a of


The Apartments

Loud Music: Rays of the Sun - A Bit Jazzy Riff by IfkDonkeys of

Forsaken Reveal: Dismemberment by rmce of

Bel Theme: Wanderer by hyster1a of

Bel Unleashed: ThoseDays by hyster1a of

Frank's: Badhabits by hyster1a of






Written, Produced and Directed by Mark Millien





Haroon Ahmed Butt's "Descent" by Mark Millien


In this episode we meet Haroon Ahmed Butt who talks about growing up anonymously Muslim until it becomes conspicuous, being an outsider in the homeland of his parents and the way your characters communicate through you with little to no control on your part.


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background ship electronics, switches and doodads

“Computerized.ogg” by Isaac200000 of

“24550_FreqMan_car_chirp_variants.wav” by Timbre of

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planetary memories

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Judgement by Planetjazzbass of

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Ambient Meditation by danke of

In Awe by MWRatridge of

Shock and Awe by 40A of

Percussions by musicWhatmusic of

Sarah Rhea Werner's "Girl in Space" REMIX by Mark Millien

#girlinspaceremix Orbiting a distant sun is an abandoned science vessel with a single crewmember. She's been adrift and alone for a very long time, but everything is about to change. This is a collaboration between ourselves and the Girl In Space podcast, a re-imagining of the very first episode. If you are familiar with the story then please enjoy the shifts we made in tone and atmosphere. If you haven't listened to this amazing story yet, please do so immediately. We talk with the creator, Sarah R. Werner, about building an audience, seizing the mantle of writer and are even given a glimpse into the mysteries of X. 


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Diagnostic buttons

btn006.wav by junggle of

Buttons Sci-Fi (Multi One Shot) by xDimebagx of



In-Cabin Lifoff.flac by qubodup of


Background Steampunky Ambience

dronesounds robot motor by Eelke of

Coagula Science! 9 – Rumble! By qubodup of

Steam Hiss.wav by jesabat of

7~Rod Pump-short.wav by KGJones of

Dripping Water.wav by spookymodem of


Jurassic Creepy

Dinosaur Growl by 123agumon of

Dinosaur_Loud Roar.mp3 by CGEffex of



small_pipe_bang.wav by volivieri of

Industrial_drainpipe_bang_tap_reverb by gilly11 of




Shameless Holiday Plea for Subscribers Theme

Holiday Commercial Jingle Bells and Holiday Commercial Jingle BASS 2 by william21084 of


Title Sequence

Dark Bell Loop by jbailon17 of


Opening Monologue

21 Metro Bells by YPon Tha Track of


End of Episode Music

Abandoned by TheCosmicEffect of


Sam Lai's "The Year of Cosmic Apologies" by Mark Millien

#thscosmicapologies. A boy's dreams become a shocking reality and a death reveals secrets that will change everything. Sam gives us a glimpse of a vast and breathtaking world, his take on Game of Thrones (Bookwalkers vs the Unsullied edition) and how fiction can be truer than our own lives.

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tarp flapping.wav by Huggy13ear of

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Metal_Gate_01.wav by SilentStrikeZ of

Cafeteria.mp3 by Cyberkineticfilms of


Mozzarella Dreaming

"Vocal - 86 - 85 Bpm" by SoleilxLune of


Growing Pains 

"Ambient Cinematic Organ - Hans Zimmer Inception Style" by Alabafruit of


Growing Pains II 

"It's A Trap" by BlacCessEnt of



"Course of Time" by Nightingale of


Funeral Procession 

"EeOrchestra 2" by Eendee of


Confrontation at the Casket 

"Choirs Deluxe Pack - Requiem" by MINOR2GO of

"Silence in the Space" by Planetjazzbass of


Outro Drums

"Ringo Starr Sauce Drums" by FoEvaBeatz of


Produced by Mark Millien and Sam Lai

We are partnering with Wordspace ( and Writing Workshops Dallas ( on a live event for Spring of next year. Details are coming.

Trinity: Chapter One by Mark Millien

#hiddenscribestrinity. The world teeters on the precipice. Hope is hard to come by. A young woman, who is slowly losing her mind, may be the key to it all. 


Narrator: Mark Millien, Young Monk: Patrick Morgan, Old Monk: Ajay Kothari, Harridan: Jackie Costello, Krys Davies: Medinah Monroe, Male Anchor: Abraham Millien, Female Anchor: Lauren Ware, Elegido Arboroa: Rob Polanco, Nurse: Halle Millien, Dr. Elizabeth Wojcik: Laura Meyers, Frank: Norio Nishimura


SFX and Music Contributors

Lava Sound "Lava loop.wav" by Audionautics of, Night Sounds "Ambience, Night Wildlife, A.wav" by InspectorJ of, Running Through Grass "01219 running through tall grass2.wav" by Robinhood76 of, Growl "zombie growling" by genube of, Creaking Trees "Wind Through Trees 3b" by spoonbender fo, Shattered Jug "glass2.wav" by drewkelly of, Snake Hiss "SNAKE.flac" copyright 2013 Iwan Gabovitch, CC-BY# license, Temple Door "cathedraldoor.wav" by WIM of, Crackling Fire "" by dobroide of, Tumbling Monk "earth1aif" by pushtobreak of, "120 bpm jazz guitar 3" by ferryterry of, "Wooden Sliding Door" by Diramus of, "Office Door Closing" by mhtaylor67 of, "01569 monster breath.wav" by Robinhood76 of, "WoodenFloorFootsteps Boots 01.wav" by Lex77 of, "low pulsating hum.flac" by Timbre fo, "What Lies Beneath" by rasputin 1963 of, "Music Box" by designedimpression of, "Sad Mood Keys" by sushiilbawa of


Written, Produced and Directed by Mark Millien

Tiffany Glass' "Friendship" by Mark Millien

#hiddenscribesfriendship. Two boys ignite a conflict between their parents. A mother struggles with sobriety. Two families tear themselves apart. Tiffany compares L.A. to Atlanta, honing discipline and relates to the painful truths we all live through in our day to day lives as human beings.