Sarah Rhea Werner's "Girl in Space" REMIX / by Mark Millien

#girlinspaceremix Orbiting a distant sun is an abandoned science vessel with a single crewmember. She's been adrift and alone for a very long time, but everything is about to change. This is a collaboration between ourselves and the Girl In Space podcast, a re-imagining of the very first episode. If you are familiar with the story then please enjoy the shifts we made in tone and atmosphere. If you haven't listened to this amazing story yet, please do so immediately. We talk with the creator, Sarah R. Werner, about building an audience, seizing the mantle of writer and are even given a glimpse into the mysteries of X. 


SFX and Music Contributors



Diagnostic buttons

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Background Steampunky Ambience

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Jurassic Creepy

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Opening Monologue

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End of Episode Music

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