Sam Lai's "The Year of Cosmic Apologies" / by Mark Millien

#thscosmicapologies. A boy's dreams become a shocking reality and a death reveals secrets that will change everything. Sam gives us a glimpse of a vast and breathtaking world, his take on Game of Thrones (Bookwalkers vs the Unsullied edition) and how fiction can be truer than our own lives.

SFX and Music Contributors

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Idunno.wav by nfrae of Freesound. org

Opening window with outdoor atmosphere and closing window by wibwob of

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Field Recording Backyard New York by Popdodop of

Female Creepy Goofy Kira Laugh by MadamVicious of

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Mozzarella Dreaming

"Vocal - 86 - 85 Bpm" by SoleilxLune of


Growing Pains 

"Ambient Cinematic Organ - Hans Zimmer Inception Style" by Alabafruit of


Growing Pains II 

"It's A Trap" by BlacCessEnt of



"Course of Time" by Nightingale of


Funeral Procession 

"EeOrchestra 2" by Eendee of


Confrontation at the Casket 

"Choirs Deluxe Pack - Requiem" by MINOR2GO of

"Silence in the Space" by Planetjazzbass of


Outro Drums

"Ringo Starr Sauce Drums" by FoEvaBeatz of


Produced by Mark Millien and Sam Lai

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