Trinity: Chapter Two / by Mark Millien

Krys is confronted with some difficult truths and the promise of her nightmares.



Narrator   Mark Millien

Krys   Medinah Monroe

Paez   Mala Bhattacharya 

Abbott   Andy Fleming  

Morel   Dojo Turnbull

Man Who Isn't There   Tamil Perlasamy

Lab Tech   Tamil Perlasamy

Perimeter Captain   John Fletcher

Roadblock Cop   Nick Johnson

Spurned Cop   Nick Johnson

Grunge Guy   Tamil Perlasamy

Wife   Melissa Thomas

Roommate One   Abraham Millien

Roommate Two   Lance Parker

Roommate Three   Lance Parker

Agent   Nicole Kemper

Security Officer   Tamil Perlasamy

Perimeter Cop   Mark Millien

Rail Cop   Mark Millien

Broadcasters   Mark Millien



SFX and Music Contributors




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Crying newborn baby child 3.WAV by the_yura | License: Creative Commons 0





Train Sequence

Krys' Headphones: HBS PN Steinway Mod A Piano Var 2 E 90BPM by HBSamples of


Pathogen Vault

Waba Theme: Danger by danke of

Waba's Symphony: Etude in C Major performed by Chiara Bertoglio under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 from originally performed by Frederic Chopin


Liquor Cage Interrogation

Chalkoutlines by hyster1a of


The Apartments

Loud Music: Rays of the Sun - A Bit Jazzy Riff by IfkDonkeys of

Forsaken Reveal: Dismemberment by rmce of

Bel Theme: Wanderer by hyster1a of

Bel Unleashed: ThoseDays by hyster1a of

Frank's: Badhabits by hyster1a of






Written, Produced and Directed by Mark Millien